About Us

Best of Memphis 2014 Staff Picks ~ Best Place to Unleash Your Inner Unicorn

Welcome to Memphis’ best and only hula hoop studio! 

Co-Motion Studio isn’t your average dance studio. We dig deeper and create differently. We’re dedicated to community. Really. And we do what we do because we love it and know we can inspire positive change in people and this city. Co-Motion Studio is Memphis Community in Motion.

What we offer

*Weekly classes and monthly workshops in hula hooping, parkour, circus and flow arts, yoga, acrobatics, fitness, world dance, and an ever-evolving schedule of recreational movement.
*Special events including ladies night out, kids night out, hoop church, free demo classes, glow yoga w/ live music, craft workshops & markets, camps, dance parties, and a variety of events with community partners.
*Offsite Services like workplace classes, event demos/vending/entertainment, and community outreach.
*A retail lobby stocked with handmade hula hoops, LED hula hoops, clothing, accessories, and unique items you can’t find anywhere else in town.
*Space rental for YOUR next event. Throw down in the coolest space in town!

And….A ridiculous amount of fun, good vibes, and good times!