Class Descriptions

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Below you will find brief descriptions of all of our classes. If you have additional questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] Want a printable schedule? Go here > Class Schedule

Class Offerings

Hoop Kids: A hoop class for kids ages 7+

Beginner Hoop: Modern day hooping is a full-body and fun movement practice that blends exercise, dance, and play using adult-sized hula hoops. It’s accessible to all ages, bodies, and skill levels. Beginner Hoop starts with the basics, whether you are a complete beginner, just starting out, or wanting a solid foundation in the practice. This class will cover waist hooping, hand hooping, and a variety of beginner movements and techniques at a slow and steady pace. Beginner Level

Hoop Sweat: Hooping is already a full-body powerhouse activity, but let’s take it up a notch! Hoop Sweat is a workout class using hoops specifically for strength/flexibility/cardio training. Set up in the style of circuit training, you will spend time every class focused on multiple muscle groups and exercises culminating in a full-body workout. This high energy class will get you moving, burning calories, and is great for cross-training if you have a hooping practice. Intermediate Level

Hoop Tricks: Take your practice to the next level by learning new tricks and building on the basics. Expect to cover a variety of movements and build your hoop flow. It is recommended that students spend time in Beginner Hoop or come to the studio with practice time under your belt before joining this class. Intermediate and up level.

Hoop Yoga: This practice builds on Vinyasa Yoga sequences in new ways – hoops become tools for alignment, creative movement, and deeper opening during the practice. If you are a hula hooper and yearning for a deeper connection to your hoop – or new inspiration – this class is for you. You’ll also build focus, balance, and flow which is vital to your hoop practice off the mat. All Levels

Hoop Skill Share: Open studio for play, practice, and skill sharing. This is open to all levels of students and intended to create community around those with a hooping practice. Note: This is a not a class.

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