Class Descriptions

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Below you will find brief descriptions of all of our classes. If you have additional questions, please e-mail us at [email protected] Most of our classes can also be offered via private/group lessons and as offsite classes.

Class Offerings

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Important Note: We encourage our students to practice at their own pace and we always offer advice for class placement. We are frequently asked how long a student has to take beginner hoop classes to move on, and the answer is, there is no set time! And remember, no matter what “level” you are, there is always more to learn. Ask us questions anytime, and enjoy the journey!


Hoop Kids: A hoop class for kids ages 7-11. This class is designed to encourage kids to explore creative movement and fitness while using hula hoops. Time is spent discovering hoop tricks and techniques through instruction, games, free play, and creative exercises. No experience required.

Beginner Hoop: Modern day hooping is a full-body and fun movement practice that blends fitness, dance, and play using adult-sized hula hoops. It’s accessible to all ages, bodies, and skill levels. Beginner Hoop starts with the basics, whether you are a complete beginner, just starting out, or wanting a solid foundation in the practice. This class will cover waist hooping, hand hooping, and a variety of beginner movements and techniques at a slow and steady pace. Drop in class. No experience required. 

Intro to Hooping Series: This is an introductory series for students new to hooping, or anyone looking for a solid foundation of hooping basics. Series will cover a variety of foundational moves and techniques in a progressive manner. No experience necessary. Advanced sign-ups are required. Series runs every other month. No experience required.

Intro to Hooping Part 2 Series: This series follows the Intro to Hooping Series OR is for any students with knowledge of basic hoops skills. Build on the foundations with new moves and more sequence building. Series runs every other month. Knowledge of waist hooping + basic hoop skills required.

Hoop Sweat + Sculpt: A cardio and hoop fitness experience designed just for hoopers! A fun and challenging class intended to create stronger and healthier hooping bodies.
Class will include stretching, cardio dance warm-ups, and multiple interval stations focused on building strength, flexibility, and endurance, refining hooping skills, and getting a great full-body workout.  Students must be able to waist hoop + knowledge of basic hoop skills recommended.

Hoop Fit: Learn how to hoop and get a great full body workout at the same time. Classes will  focus on cardio and resistance training including all the major muscle groups. Basic moves will be introduced for beginners, with added challenges for more experienced hoopers. This is a milder version of our Hoop Sweat class offering that is more suitable for beginner students. No experience required.

Hoop Tricks: A class devoted to learning new hoop tricks, like chest rolls, escalators, wedgies, and other challenging hoop moves. Class also includes sequence and choreography building. It is required that students either have taken beginner/intro classes with us or have had dedicated practice time at home. This is our most advanced weekly hooping class. Knowledge of hoop basics required.

Hoop Skill Share: Open studio for play, practice, and skill sharing. This is open to all levels of students and intended to create community around those with a hooping practice. Use the studio space as you wish and take advantage of our high ceilings, mirrors, shareable hoops, and community environment. While this is not a class, a teacher is on site to facilitate should you have any questions. All levels.

Flow Lab: A once-a-month offering for experienced hoop students looking to grow and flow. Expect rotating teachers and topics to inspire your hoop practices. See event calendar for upcoming dates.

And more for experienced hoop students: we offer special workshops with local and traveling teachers almost every other month covering a range of hoop topics and techniques that encourage you to GROW your practice. Please check our Events & Workshops Calendar for these listings.

Healing Hoops: A class utilizing hula hooping as a tool to reduce stress and improve your mental state. Each week focuses on a different theme with a corresponding playlist. The class curriculum includes a meditation, cardio warm up, beginner level hoop instruction, and ample unstructured time to get in your own personal meditative hoop zone. No hooping experience necessary. Beginner and up level. Currently no classes scheduled, can be offered for private groups in studio and offsite.

This weekly drop-in class is open to anyone seeking healing through healthy movement and is ideal for adults and teens struggling with stress, depression, addiction, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, grief, loss, divorce, veterans, domestic abuse and sexual assault survivors, or anyone in need of a healthy way to heal your body, mind, and spirit through joyful, creative movement in a safe community space. All are welcome. No questions asked.


Buti Yoga: A soulful blend of kundalini activation, power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, conditioning, and deep abdominal toning. This all-in-one workout tones and sculpts the entire body while facilitating complete inner transformation. The Buti Yoga movement methodology, based on traditional forms of Eastern Yoga, both clears away stagnant energy and revitalizes the body, allowing the student to shift their perception of the world around them. Each class is accompanied with a diverse playlist of tribal beats, hip-hop, or pretty much anything with a heavy baseline. It takes you through an improvised creative movement experience lead by the instructor while placing intense emphasis on body mechanics. All Levels.

Kids Yoga: A yoga class for kids ages 7-11 that included a soulful blend of traditional yoga, tribal dance, and music activities for young yogis. Together we will share creative movement and learn that the power to heal and love ourselves comes from within. Class will start with a stretch leading into free movement that inspires us to create. Class will end with a tribal drum circle and cool down with a final savasana. No experience required.

Hoop Yoga: This practice builds on Vinyasa Yoga sequences in new ways – hoops become tools for alignment, creative movement, and deeper opening during the practice. If you are a hula hooper and yearning for a deeper connection to your hoop – or new inspiration – this class is for you. You’ll also build focus, balance, and flow which is vital to your hoop practice off the mat. All Levels. Currently no class scheduled. Can be offered in private lessons & offsite.

Vinyasa Yoga: A slow and steady yoga class for focusing on the breath as we flow through a sequence of yoga poses. Yoga works to strengthen, stretch, and relax not only the body but the mind through moving with intention. All Levels. Currently no class scheduled. Can be offered in private lessons & offsite.


Kids Dance: A dance class for kids ages 5-9. Kids explore a variety of styles and creative movement as they are inspired to find their own inner dancer! No experience required.

Adult Jazz/Hip-Hop/Contemporary Dance: Students will learn basic dance fundamentals through choreographed movement involving body isolations, physical fitness and rhythmic timing using Urban, Pop, and Contemporary music. Ages teen and up. All levels including beginners.

Want to see new offerings, or current offerings at additional times? Contact us at [email protected] We welcome your feedback!