FREE Intro Hoop Class & Meetup

October 8, 2015 @ 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Crosstown Fitness Park
FREE Intro Hoop Class & Meetup @ Crosstown Fitness Park

A FREE hula hooping class & meetup in the brand new Crosstown Fitness Park! The Crosstown Fitness Park was created by Operation Crosstownwith the help of Memphis Parkour. It’s a family-friendly grassy lot turned park equipped with hula hoops, a stage, parkour boxes, picnic tables, and more!

What: Intro to Hooping demo class + meetup
Where: Crosstown Fitness Park (SW corner of Cleveland/Overton Park Rd. — next to Autozone)
Cost: Free
Who: Everyone! All ages. No experience needed.
Why: We’re activating the park with fun and free events to get the community in motion!

Hoops provided. Half of the time will be dedicated to lessons and the rest of the time for playing with what you have learned. New to hooping? This is perfect for you. Experienced in hooping? Come along and play too! ** It’s okay if you arrive late or leave early.