Spiral Circus Arts – Weekend Hoop Workshop: Dancing on the Edge – Wheels, Rolls, Spins & Twins

January 19, 2014 @ 4:00 AM – January 20, 2014 @ 6:00 AM
Co-Motion Studio
416 North Cleveland Street
Memphis, TN 38104
$60/day or $120 for the full weekend
Co-Motion Studio
Spiral Circus Arts - Weekend Hoop Workshop: Dancing on the Edge - Wheels, Rolls, Spins & Twins @ Co-Motion Studio | Memphis | Tennessee | United States

Co-Motion Studio is thrilled to present our first visiting instructor hoop workshop with Spiral: Dancing on the Edge – Wheels, Rolls, Spins & Twins

Join Spiral at Co-Motion Studio in Memphis on January 18 & 19, 2014 for an intermediate+ hoop dance workshop with a focus on the edge; our creative edges, our emotive edges, and the outside edge of our hoop. There’s beauty in finding and exploring these edges, in pushing into uncharted territory.

Saturday, January 18: 3-6pm
Sunday, January 19: 2-5pm

Early Bird price $55/day or $110 for the full weekend until December 15! Then price increases to $60/$120 for the weekend.

Space is limite. Pre-registration is strongly recommended. Register: http://spiralcircusarts.bigcartel.com/product/dancing-on-the-edge-wheels-rolls-spins-twins-memphis-tn

This 2-day workshop will include exercises and insights in musicality, improvisation, choreography, and embodiment, as well as detailed instruction in a range of dynamic hoop movement including:

  • Wheels and Whirlpools
  • Veil Form
  • Horizontal and Vertical Tracing
  • Chest Roll Variations
  • Twin Hooping
  • 3D Flourishes
  • Momentum Play
  • Space Slicing
  • Sustained Spinning
  • A movement sequence drawing from material covered

We’ll also explore techniques to enhance movement creativity by using boundaries & constraints. When we’re presented with limits in a situation it forces us to think differently, to react in different ways, bringing new ideas and awarenesses to the fore.

Some movements covered will require a hoop small enough to fit inside the span of your arms (ie: hold one arm out and, from the extended fingertip, the hoop should not come past the center of your chest) If you have one, please bring a hoop this size. We will have a few at the studio for folks to borrow.

We’ll also do some twin hooping and will have a few sets of twins for folks to borrow, but please bring your own, identically-sized hoops, if you have them.

Hoops will be available at Co-Motion Studio for use and sale.

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Spiral is also offering a bonus mini-workshop Circus Strong: Intro to Acrobatic Conditioning
Sunday 7pm-8:30pm
$20 for hoop workshop attendees

More about Spiral

Fatefully kissed by stardust from the rings of Saturn, Spiral developed an uncommon affinity for circles and a passion for revolutionary motion. Equal parts Sorceress, Circus Artist, Whirling Dervish, and Ninja, she brings the kind of tingle to the spine that can only be wrought as a direct result of tireless training, incredible skills, and occasional conspiracy with otherworldly forces.

Emanating an electric presence for groups of 20 or 20,000, Spiral has mesmerized audiences from the catwalk in Hong Kong, to galleries in New York, to nightclubs in Vienna. A multi-disciplinary circus artist, Spiral performs hoops, contact juggling, levitating wand, acrobatics, living statue, aerial hoop and aerial fabric as well as multi-prop fire and LED shows. A seasoned, professional performer, Spiral travels worldwide to perform, teach, and inspire.

Spiral has been practicing hoops and other forms of object manipulation since 2001, and circus arts since 2007. A graduate of the 2008/9 Professional Track program at the New England Center for Circus Arts, Spiral has been living in San Francisco ever since and advancing her training with a variety of seasoned acrobatic and aerial coaches.