Yoga + Middle Eastern Dance Workshop

March 15, 2015 @ 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Co-Motion Studio
Karen Snow
Yoga + Middle Eastern Dance Workshop @ Co-Motion Studio
There is nothing more beautiful than watching a performance where you can feel that persons energy, their soul, their truth. An experience where you really feel, well, present. There is little room to go anywhere else when you are captured and mesmerized! Remember being a child and whirling and twirling and tumbling without a care in the world? You were present, alive! You didnt care, or really, think to care what anyone else thought! Right? How fun would it be to have that moment back again? Or anytime you choose?
Please Join, Karen Snow, Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Middle Eastern Dance Teacher(just to name a few of her credentials!) for a fun workshop of Yoga and Dance. Tell a friend, they wont want to miss this.
$25 at the door, $20 advance, $15 students/seniors

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