What are the benefits of hooping? Is it an effective fitness activity?

So glad you asked! By starting a hula hooping practice, you can:

-build your core
-boost your energy and mood
-relieve stress
-improve your posture
-create body balance and enhance coordination
-boost your brain
-increase your heart rate
-burn calories
-tap into your rhythm
-increase self-confidence!

According to an ACE study, hula hooping can burn up to 420 calories per hour — making it effective in weight management. View the full study here. Aside from being a great cardio activity, it also helps build the core, enhance your mood, increase your body intelligence, increase your balance, improve your posture,… and so much more.

Can I come to a class if I have never hula hooped before? If I can’t hula hoop?

Absolutely! That is what we are here to do — teach you how to hula hoop. A Beginner Hoop class is perfect for you. Check our Class Schedule to see when it is offered. We also offer Private Lessons if that is more your style. We are the only hula hoop studio in town, and have the most experienced instructors ready to get you started.

How are your hula hoops different from the ones I see in the store?

Great question. Our hoops are handmade right here in the studio (or our living room). We make a variety of styles/weights to fit any body type, desired usage, age, you name it. The ones found in the stores are typically sized for kids only and are mass produced — so the quality suffers greatly. If you are an adult, you require a hoop sized much larger than those for kids (we promise). Our hoops do cost more than store-bought hoops, but you are paying for quality. And local. If that’s important you, you’re in the right place.

Stay tuned for more questions! Have one yourself? Contact us!