Meet the Team

Adriene is co-owner, lead hoop teacher, and resident yoga teacher at Co-Motion Studio. She has been moving all of her life and has practiced hula hooping and yoga for nearly a decade. She remains a dedicated student, always finding joy and healing in making shapes with her body and dancing in circles.

When she’s not in the studio grind, you can find her drinking tasty brews, listening to all the grooves, and making art, playing with her pup Luna, enjoying travel and the outdoors, teaching about nature at the Memphis Botanic Garden, and co-creating with the Mandala Makers Club.


Chloe Evans is the co-owner of Co-Motion Studio and is a freedom fighter, ninja, mother of dragons, community activist, lifelong dancer, and hooper since 2010. Chloe writes about her healing journey inside the hoop on her blog and she’s dedicated to saving the world one hula hoop at a time, starting with her own community in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

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Stephanie has over 10 years of hooping experience, focusing on using the hoop as a means of exercise and method to tone the body as well as have fun. While Stephanie enjoys learning new tricks to add to her hooping routines, she prefers Core/On Body moves with Off Body tricks to help tone arms. In addition to Hooping, Stephanie bellydances and dabbles in other flow arts such as Poi Spinning.




Ellen Phillips began her hoop journey in 2010. She moved to Los Angeles two years later and joined a dance team called R.A.I.D. as the resident hula hoop girl. She started working at Hoopnotica (a pioneer in the modern hoop movement) in Venice Beach as their in-house videographer, but discovered that she loved hoop-making and teaching as well. She became a certified hoop instructor in 2013, and taught classes in Hoop Dance and Hoop Fit. Her biggest claim to fame is performing at Surrender nightclub in Las Vegas for DJ Cedric Gervais. Ellen joined the Co-Motion Studio team in 2016 and is excited to share her love of hooping and hoop performing with the community.

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