Our Story

Our Hoop Life Timeline:

  • 2008: Adriene begins hooping
  • 2009: Adriene co-founds the Hooper Troopers. The Hooper Troopers introduce hula hooping to Memphis by selling their handmade hoops, attending the downtown farmer’s market & other local events, teaching weekly classes, & performing with their hoops on many stages and streets. Over the span of 4 years they build community around hula hooping.
  • 2010: Chloe begins taking Adriene’s hoop classes
  • 2011: Chloe organizes outreach with Youth Villages
  • 2012: Chloe creates HoopStatic, a blog about her life and hooping
  • 2012: We organize a fundraiser for Youth Villages and raise over $2000
  • 2012: Hooper Troopers disbands as most of the members take on new life paths
  • 2013: Chloe shares her vision to open a community studio/space. Adriene jumps on board. They spend over 6 months planning, creating, and dreaming. The idea of “Co-Motion” or community in motion is born.
  • August 2013: Chloe and Adriene are accepted into MEMShop grant program! (so grateful)
  • October 2013: We sign our lease in Crosstown!
  • December 2013: Co-Motion Studio opens its doors
  • December 2015: We celebrate our 2nd Birthday!
  • December 2016: We celebrate our 3rd Birthday!

Co-Motion Studio isn’t your average dance or fitness studio. We dig deeper and create differently. We’re dedicated to community. Really. And we do what we do because we love it and know we can inspire positive change in people and this city. Co-Motion Studio is Memphis Community in Motion.

Take a spin around our site and learn more about what we offer!